Sunday, 18 December 2016

Chrimbo time...

Senator and Madame O'Blene
Elias and Gloriette Sagtrouser
Meccano and Toniatelline 
Quentin ffoxley-Cabbage
Miss Amelia Newt and her partner Ron Groat
Basil Kalashnikov
Sid Trumpet
PC Lumbersnatch

All send the two good readers here their warmest felicitations for a great Christmas.

Ms Billary will be sending cards by post as she has lost Willy Clinchton's hard drive! (or he's lost it or it may be on a floppy somewhere).


rvi said...

Likewise to you and yours Senator - and many thanks for keeping us giggling throughout 2016. Let us hope you can persuade more so-called "readers" to join in the fun next year.

Now, in case you can't find the right film to watch after your sumptuous luncheon on Christmas day, may I offer this from one of our most favourite cities.

Thud said...

Merry Chrimbo to you and the family Scrobs its been a pleasure visiting here this veterans need to keep the blog flag flying next year.....onwards and upwards!

A K Haart said...

Warmest felicitations to you too. I hope Sodden Prickney survives the festivities unscathed and is champing at the bit for whatever 2017 may bring.

Electro-Kevin said...

Well... four readers.

Happy Christmas !

Michael said...

Many thanks Reevers!

You'll presumably be half-way through your Christmas now, so I hope all is going well for you all!

Michael said...

Good of you to say that Thud! Thank you!

Enjoy your day!

Michael said...

SP will be at the forefront next year, Mr H, the characters need an airing, as they will have so many excellent opportunities!

Michael said...

Thank you, Elecs!

Making four is a record I think!