Tuesday, 30 December 2014

BBC closes UK industry down for nine days...

As sadly expected, the BBC viewing - and listening, schedule has been a total wreck this year, what with the endless repeats and repeats of repeats, all 'presented' by faded people who we all thought were either dead or at least rested - terminally.

There were a couple of glimmers of hope in a 're-run' of Open all hours, but even that has to buck its ideas up before we watch the whole episode. They don't even show 'The Great Escape' any more, a film which at least brings fantasy a little closer to the heart than 'ET', BP apparently enjoyed watching 'Whisky galore', which I may well have done, had not a surfeit of Glenlivet caused some dismemberment of the various body cells which keep me awake during the afternoon...

But seriously, what really worries me, is the fact that the BBC has automatically assumed that the whole of GB Inc, is on holiday during these three days between Sunday and tomorrow. Their news bulletins are painfully short, and put on at times when during normal working weeks, most people are still at work, so the assumption is that nobody is at their desks, or on the tills, or driving a train or a bus! I know the building industry just shuts down for an extended period over Christmas, and to a certain extent, I agree that the on-costs of keeping a site open over such a time are huge, such that they might just as well appease the elfunsafteee mob, and call it a holiday, despite the lack of income for those ten days, and some poor firm suffering a month's over-run, being clobbered from all sides, but why is there a notion that we're all still 'on holiday'?

Being an aged fart, I can remember when we went back to work on the 27th December, and carried on from there. There was no January 1st Bank Holiday, and hangovers, as long as they were socially acceptable - i.e. we weren't being sick everywhere, or smelling of curry, were the norm, because we could all compare notes, and get on with the New Year!

But no, the BBC have decided that nobody in their right mind will work between the 24th December and the 2nd of January next year, and to hell with whoever moans or thinks otherwise!

Nine days with no production can be hell for a small firm which is struggling to survive, but of course, the BBC have a bloated government tax structure to support their fantasies, so that's alright then!


rvi said...

Poor you, having nothing better to do than watch the BBC! Do you STILL pay the telly tax? In my neck of the unsnowedup and/or unflooded woods, we get the international services of among others CNN, the BBC and Sky - and for the last few days the entire output of the latter two has covered just 2 stories, that Scottish Ebola nurse person and the Air Asia crash. Oh yes,forgot. To break the monotony, we did get several hours of uninterrupted coverage and repetitive waffle about a Virgin jet flying round and round and round in circles for a while.

Clearly there is nothing else happening in the world or, alternatively, all the "journalists" have decided that 24/12 - 03/01 is holiday time and to h*ll with whatever else is making news anywhere else in the world. But such saturation coverage does give them the chance to bash the Cameroons for insufficient and unsafe practices at UK airports and to continue to spread their misinformation about the crash and linking it (seriously!!) with the unfortunate and completely unrelated occurrences that befell two of Malaysia Airlines aircraft earlier this year (the BBC correspondent should really be dis-accredited for the garbage and twisted crap she spews out in her very one-sided and usually ill informed reporting).

Indonesian Air Asia has little or nothing to do with Malaysia. It is an independent franchise with a majority Indonesian local stake in the business, not that that teeny weeny detail would be noticed or mentioned by any of the news organisations or their gory headline seeking "reporters".

Anyway, from one aged fart to another, do have a happy and prosperous new year.

C U L8R alligator...??

PS: Did you see that report of another daft woman who bought a cup of coffee from McD's, put it in/on her lap in the car - and of course spilled it all over herself. She is now (reportedly) going to sue McD's for serving hot drinks! I seem to recall that the last idiot female that did that was successful and now lives in luxury somewhere or other. We really do have some [insert naughty word here] in the judicial services...

Scrobs... said...

We hardly ever watch anything on the BBC these days, Reevers, just the headlines are enough, and then the weather, after which we switch off. Local news reporting is just too dire to contemplate as well, as all the local hospitals get bashed time and time again, which must be so demoralising for staff! And yes, there's always going to be the prat who does the hot drink thing!

Yes, the airline stories all became intermingled, so nobody really knows what's going on any more.

By the way, this is my last day as being on any headed notepaper, so the bubbly is already in the fridge!

Have a great New Year, and thanks so much for listening!

A K Haart said...

"Being an aged fart, I can remember when we went back to work on the 27th December, and carried on from there."

I remember that too, so as one aged fart to another - Happy New Year!

Thud said...

Couldn't agree more! I'm semi retired now but still went off to view a potential project today and will spend tomorrow ordering materials for delivery onsite in Liverpool asap,people must have too much money. I have spent quite a few holidays in America and come boxing day its all hands on deck ( a bit premature)I rather like the attitude....happy new year Scrobs.

Scrobs... said...

Oh Thank you, Mr Haart!

I even remember when hangovers made people cross, but that stopped after a while when I discovered that the best way to beat one was to just get on with it...

Happy New Year!

Scrobs... said...

Thud, you are a shining light here!

I nearly had a project in Liverpool, which was another scheme by the guys who did The Beatles Hotel, but it went south after funding collapsed!

Happy New Year to you all, and don't stall on the blog!