Sunday, 5 January 2014

On giving up alcohol for January...

So this is the Newlab/LibCon equivalent of political correctness is it - that everyone must forgo the demon drink in January!

Why January for God's sake?

January is the nastiest, coldest, most unforgiving, wettest, lightless, sunless, snow-most (there are fifty words apparently), icebound, greyist month of the year, and some twonk from a feeble-minded gummint quango decides that the good citizens of England, and OK, Wales and Scotland as well, have to think they're going to be even better citizens if they stop drinking a few slurps in January?

Piss off! This is the time when we all need to believe in our own home comforts! The nights are long, we need everyone together round the fire, and a few drams make the season become a little shorter.

I'll never take any notice of these BBC activated twallops, some of whom couldn't even cut the ice in that stupid come-dancing-in-glitter-balls rubbish...


Macheath said...

Hear hear!

I reckon it's all to do with statistics; the celebrants of the weekly urban Bacchanalia will never listen to Them, but, if They can guilt-trip enough conscientious citizens to go dry for the month, the average consumption per head will go down, which is a Good Thing.

The young ladies falling off their stilettos amid pools of sick in the gutter are thus statistically irrelevant and can be safely ignored.

Fortunately, there are still plenty of pockets of resistance out there - not least among sensible bloggers.


rvi said...

Perhaps, Mr Scrobs, you and Macheath should gather a few 'sensible bloggers' (I like that bit!) and go and seek out this brainless 'twonk' and drown it in a butt of Malmsey... A sad waste of good stuff, but probably well worth the expense.

Belated HNY to you and yours. Cheers!

A K Haart said...

As far as I'm concerned, alcohol is a vitamin.

Scrobs... said...

Thank you, Macheath!

The smeary column inches of party-goers getting plastered are just replays from previous years, and of course, don't count.

I'm quite happy enjoying an afternoon without the drift of a good chilled white behind me, and that's as far as it goes, the evenings remain the same!

Scrobs... said...


You established your New Year a few hours before me, so of course, you've had longer to wake up!

It does take 'sensible bloggers' to bring these subjects to the fore, and this year is no exception!

By the way, the BBC are now concentrating on trying to find 'disaster' stories on the flooding, by getting there overnight, only to find that the storms have gone and everyone is asleep!

Scrobs... said...

And a special addition to a grey winter diet, Mr H!

Much better than pickled cabbage...