Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Lion Man, back from the embers...

Mrs Scroblene had to go and see the optician in Hastings a few months ago, and when she needed a return appointment, the guy with the lenses (I used to play rugby with his dad, so you can spot a certain age difference here...) said that he wasn't going to be there, as he was going to be in Lewes for a special concert!

Well it only took a few clicks to find out why, and here is one of the reasons why he and Mrs Optician went!

Little Lion Man

What a song! I just love the activity, the passion, and just seeing and hearing someone banging their instruments to make them sound good for the listeners!


lilith said...

Quite a groove Scrobs, not come across these guys before.

I was going to post this on your last posting as it made me smile and think of you.

Nick Drew said...

sounds like David Gray to me (Babylon)

which came first ?

rvi said...

Good banjo work, but nope, I don't think I'll be buying that. Must be getting old!

Scrobs... said...

I'd never heard of them either, Lils! I think they go down well 'live'! (Glastonbury?)

Love the clip too - ten days is a long Scrobsfree time...

Scrobs... said...

Yes it does, doesn't it Nick! I only found it, because of what the post says, and also reading somewhere that some faded US 'rock' star had said that they were rubbish, so as I never have rated the old Yankie fool who used to play rubbish, I started digging!

Scrobs... said...

Yes, I like banjo work like that too, Reevers!

I think they get the crowd behind them very early on, judging from other Youtubes!

Anonymous said...

Mumford and Sons - marvellous.

Anonymous said...

Mumford and sons - like it!

I've been trying to find a youtube vid I posted a while back; a kindof bluesy guitar thing that has two song- one goes into another. I've never found it since. If you know where it is I'd be grateful.

Having a break from marking listening to Zep (lemon song) and Cream (crossroads). You must be special to make me stop a Zeppelin vid,Scrobs!

Been loving Robert Pattinson recently,only a 2 min track but loved it in the film.Hope he does more music.Here tis: here. Don't read the lyrics as the poster gets them wrong.

said Pip


Scrobs... said...

Hey, that's pretty damn good, Pips!

I've never heard of him before, thank you!

I'll search high and low for your video of course!

Love, Scrobs x