Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Daily Grail...

These chaps grow overnight, they're all under 3" long (after the flowers have been removed) and this lot should have gone in the pan last evening, but it's too hot to consider slaving over a hot stove at the moment...

Scrobs' recipe for summer courgettes: -

Three or five like those above
Remove the flower (stuff with something else if you want to), and the stem
Shave of most of the skin
Lay it flat along the edge of a chopping board, and shave strips with a spud basher
Add a few peas (less than two hours old)
Pop in a few torn mint leaves (a few seconds old),
Splosh of vinaigrette or garlic salad cream


rvi said...

Sounds nice. They would complement a pizza and Pimms as you sit in the conservatory doing the Telegraph crossword...or as an additional item in a salady wrap.

Thud said...

You are showing off now!

Scrobs... said...

I like that sandwich idea, Reevers...

Those courgettes were a bit limp last evening after 24 hours of the very welcome heat we've go for once!

I'm also fired to buy a Telegraph crossword book now, as we stopped taking it about five years ago, and I suddenly want to attack one again!

Sudoku is the pastime of choice here - it must be 'The Times Difficult', and completed without any writing of figures in the squares to get the options! Every figure has to be proved before it gets written in!

Mrs S is a dab-hand at Sudoku, and it's one of the ways to keep her quiet...;0)

Scrobs... said...

Yup, sorry about that Thud, but they really are hammering away so fast in this gorgeous weather, that we have to find new ways to take them on!

Once, I just went out the gate with an armful of runner beans, and went up to an elderly couple and asked them if they wanted them!

'Oooh yes, thank you', they said...

That was a gratifying experience!

rvi said...

Sums is not my strong point Scrobs, so Sod u ko leaves me quite bemused. On a brighter note, when I used to take it daily, I usually managed to either finish or get within one or two of the Times crossword. It was usually some obscure literature reference that got me stuck.

Excess produce is always good to see. Way back when, I used to keep the lasses in the typing pool happy with a box of strawberries daily while they were in full flow in my garden - and as we have discussed before, spare vegies can always be turned into refreshing soups to either consume or freeze for later. All you need is a blender and a freezer.

Scrobs... said...

The last thing you need to do Sudoku, is arithmetical skills, Reevers! It is totally logic driven, and Mrs S often does a series of them where they use letters instead of numbers!

Seriously, I was just as skeptical until I was taught the rudiments by younger daught, and I've been hooked for about ten years now!

I'm thinking of getting a Telegraph crossword book, as I don't bother buying a paper any more, it's a waste of time and dead wood!

We had a great deal last year, when we swapped excess veg for eggs! Sadly, the chooks are dying off now, so it's the freezer for most things - fruit at the moment!