Saturday, 4 May 2013

UKIP if you want to, Scrobs did...

Scrobs is utterly fed up with being told that UKIP will be a busted flush.

Scrobs Inc. was utterly shafted by Nulab's awful leftie, pathetically inept administration, at a time when all the company needed was funding (normally granted in an economy which wants to thrive), and after that things just got worse. At least Bruin was finally dispatched to the stupid thicko expenses-laden lecture circuit in other godforsaken places, but this Cameron lot (forget Clegg, he's a nonentity) are still just useless at understanding what real business people like Scrobs actually want!

I really object to being called a closet racist, and a fruitcake. I'm also not a clown. I've been married to Mrs Scroblene for over forty years, and have two lovely daughters, and three gorgeous grandchildren, and I also have a roof over my head as well as countless things to do in the garden and the allotment, which is a passion, (and a tardy realisation that I might have liked to be a farmer once upon a time). More importantly I'm also working as much as I can in the business formed by me and my two partners, who are the two most trustworthy men I've ever had the privilege to know, and, we all have boundless energy to see all this through!

At nearly 66 years of age, I see in Westminster, just grey, waffling parliamentary oddities, mostly with very little commercial experience, spouting occasional sound bites on exactly the same theme that they've spouted for nearly fifty years of voting, and in a matter of months, Nigel Farage has now emerged as the sort of bloke I feel I can do business with. I happily voted for him last Thursday.

To think that we still have wrinkled old dinosaurs like Ken Clarke (who holds the record for the most boring after-lunch speech I've ever endured), telling me that I'm a 'clown' and that I am wrong, is frankly absurd, and uncalled-for!

Years ago, there was a series of books which centered on the life of  a confused retired army officer, who was convinced that Britain was about to be overrun by fanatical communist hordes, so he set up his home and garden as a haven for anyone who would listen, and he wrote endless letters to the Ministry of Defence, and anyone else with a title, complaining about something or other.

Scrobs will never be that man, because at last he has someone to vote for and support! That party is led by a bloke who has a much clearer vision, an understanding, and an appeal which totally conforms with the mind-set of late-middle-aged people like Scrobs.


Thud said...

I'm with you all the way here.

Scrobs... said...

Thank you Thud!

You have the edge on me in years, but between us, there is a builder's theme...

By the way, I envy you your new bothy, I'd have liked to have seen that go up!

rvi said...

A pity we'll never meet as I think we would get on like a house on fire. Good luck with your business.

A K Haart said...

Spot on. I don't care if UKIP has faults.

Scrobs... said...

I'm sure we would have done, Reevers! Thanks for that!

Oh, we're going to get there, despite the blasted lawyers poking their noses in to change one word in the agreements we're trying to engross.

Scrobs... said...

Thanks, Mr H! They'll come under 'scrutiny', from the other parties, all negative of course, and I expect Farage will just get right back at them and expose their failures so far - which are too numerous!

Anonymous said...

If anyone could persuade me to vote for any party it's you, Scrobs. As it's not empty rhetoric that sounds impressive on the page or at the bar - I know you live this and really mean what you say.

said Pip

Blue Eyes said...

Scrobs I totally get what you are saying, but I don't think Farage has any idea what to actually DO any more than Cameron and Osborne do. There isn't (unless you think Ed Balls is right) a magic button to press, a quick draft parliamentary bill to publish, a new banking policy to enact.

I think Ed Miliband got it right when he said that emphatically there is nothing much anyone can do.

I hate writing stuff like that because in reality I have hope for the future. Brown's and Clinton's bubble was far worse than most of us know.

It's perfectly reasonable to try and give "the establishment" a kicking which is the chief purpose of elected government!

I even agree that we should probably start preparations for leaving the EU, but I don't think Farage's heady mix of jingoism and weird blue-rinse Christian "conservatism" is going to fix anything.

Blue Eyes said...

One thing I will say in favour of British democracy is that in France and other places when people are pissed off about the establishment they vote for gen-yoo-ine fascists or communists. UKIP don't come close! Thank goodness for our long-term political stability.

Electro-Kevin said...

"I even agree that we should probably start preparations for leaving the EU, but I don't think Farage's heady mix of jingoism and weird blue-rinse Christian "conservatism" is going to fix anything."

Blue. You really ought to stop insulting people.

Our long term political stability owes everything to the tolerance and patience of our people and does not have much to do with our brand of democracy, which is pretty much European now anyway. We are never given credit for rejecting extremism despite outright provocation and abandonment.

"Thank goodness for our long term political stability."

Rot ! How about thanking me and Scrobs instead ? The politicians have done nothing but throw our political stability away.

Like Scrobs I voted UKIP too and will do so again in 2015.

The intention is not to 'fix' things but to force them instead. I don't want the Tories to exist anymore - much less vote for them again.

Electro-Kevin said...

Blue - You sneer at Daily Mail readers but where has the 5 million plus readership manifested into BNP votes ?

They've only just started to show up in UKIP figures.

I wouldn't be so arrogant to say to you that my politics are right and that yours are wrong - but surely there should be political representation at least somewhere for such a large body of opinion.

I can tell you that there isn't - or wasn't until Farage made his breakthrough.

(Multiply x 4 at least if The Sun, The Express and non-paying readers are taken into account)

Blue Eyes said...

Touchy EK! Touchy!

I chose my words carefully. UKIP is against gay marriage and pro-subsidising married parents. Blue-rinse Christian "conservatism" if ever there was any. By jingoism I mean the immediate blaming of "others" for our problems. Many of our domestic political/economic problems could be solved without reference to the European Union question. But it's so much easier to blame EUROPE and IMMIGRANTS isn't it? So much more comfortable to assume that everything would be OK if we didn't have the bloody foreigners running the show, isn't it?

Scrobs is spot on, the current economic malaise was caused by the financial bubble encouraged by the Labour government and its inevitable bust. The EU/gays/Muslims/Roma had diddly-squat to do with it.


Anonymous said...

Blue, at least Kev didn't tell you to f---off!

You say "Scrobs is spot on, the current economic malaise was caused by the financial bubble encouraged by the Labour government and its inevitable bust"

I agree but cannot exclude the Tories, namely Ted Heath, for getting us into the EU money pit and Bliar and Cameron for giving back the cap such that we give millions to the EU yet have to borrow in order to pay it. It's not that Labour is bad and Tories good, or red bad and blue good! Successive govts for years have had a part to play in the country's downfall. It's certain that - look at Iceland - the banking crisis could have handled differently. We needn't be in the situation we're in and there is no quick fix, I agree.

But most of our laws come from the EU and there's tons of new laws, yet more law does not equal better law, and enforcing it is an issue. Perhaps Kev would agree that any law that can't or isn't enforced is useless. And are all laws useful for the British people? I know businessmen, mostly farmers, whose businesses are castrated by these new laws yet imports, not subject to these constraints, flow freely into Britain. It is a complex problem with no quick fix but I wouldn't dismiss leaving the EU and it's constraints. That could make a significant difference. Whether good or bad, and how significant we should discuss, in a referendum?

Suggested Pip

Scrobs... said...

Blues, I voted for UKIP on local issues, as it was a local election.

They recognise that the Tunbridge Wells voters were getting fed up with having exsessive housing redevelopment, (tick), A stupid KCC reaction to trying to resolve a serious traffic problem on the big retail estate (tick), getting local subbies to do the work on major schemes here, where the new hospital and Skinners school jobs went out of the area (tick), and they recognise that retailers in the towns and villages in the borough were being frustrated by unfair parking. (tick).

We didn't even get a leaflet from the Conservatives, or Labour or the Lib Dems, so we never found out what they stood for.

There was no need to give the government a kicking, they know that already they're losing the battle for over 65s who've had their pensions shafted by Labour, (and given to the public sector)and business hopes of ever recouping the losses - also under Labour, because Osborne insists on policies which don't fit my bill.

I reckon a chimpanzee with one arm tied behind his back and blindfolded, could do a better job on the economy at the moment, but until I meet that particular animal, I'll vote for Nigel Farge. I like him.

Oh and I think that the EU experiment started by Heath has now been found to be the biggest federal con-trick ever, and that's another reason...

Scrobs... said...

And I don't look on UKIP as Fascist, and would never compare France with UK anyway.

Scrobs... said...

It's an interesting point you make, Elecs, as the main reason why UKIP do appeal to old farts like me, is that they just 'say it as it is', and bugger diplomacy if it hurts someone's feelings. Get your retaliation in and ask questions afterwards - Margaret Thatcher did.

I haven't seen anyone even close to Nigel Farage's skills in Brussels, so again, he gets my vote just for plain speaking.

Scrobs... said...

You're right - as is Blues Pips, to agree that Heath was a wheedling sneak in getting us into Europe, we all thought he wanted to cock a snook at De Gaulle, but back then, the4 whole scenario was totally different, and the advert said 'Yes to Europe, No to Communism', which was a pretty damaging indictment at the time, especially as Heath failed miserably against the unions at the time.

Blue Eyes said...

Mr Scrobs I would never assume you didn't have your very good reasons for voting however you choose :-)

It does irk me when nobody bothers to try to curry my vote.

Pips: you and EK and anyone else is free to tell me to F Off whenever you or they choose. Whether you want to do it while standing on Mr Scrobs' hall carpet is a separate question!

Blue Eyes said...

Oh and Pips you are completely right about going "into Europe". I blame the prevailing winds partly because it must have seemed at the time that there was no hope for Britain. "Europe" as was seemed to be doing quite nicely. Isn't it funny how things swing about or is it roundabout. Dunno.

I would say that Heath, Thatch and many other "leaders" should be taught a thing or two by the voters about selling principles in return for baubles. Which is why I totally "get" the frustration that feeds into UKIP's success. I just don't think that Nige is capable of fixing the problems and I don't think that banning gay people from getting married is likely to resolve our constitutional crisis.

Scrobs... said...

Blues that's absolutely fine by me - never fear...;0)

And please don't worry about the hall carpet, it's nice to see comments getting over 20, after which I may get another drink!

You really can say what you like here!

Blue Eyes said...

Excellent so we are all still friends. Phew.

Anonymous said...

" "leaders" should be taught a thing or two by the voters about selling principles in return for baubles"

oh well said that man. So true

agreed Pip

PS: and can we have our gold reserves back please?

Scrobs... said...

Not a problem here, Blues!

Scrobs... said...

There weren't any baubles in my decision, Pips. I just think that Nigel Farage is a good guy to take the reins for a while, and kick out the wasters we've become accustomed to.