Friday, 12 April 2013

Moving story...

Lilith and Elby are shifting their vast collection of everything the Grateful Dead ever performed to another abode today, and I want to wish them every good fortune on such an exasperating, exciting, exhausting, (that's enough 'exes' - Ed), day!

By coincidence, we're celebrating living at 'The Turrets' for twenty-four years to the day, well almost, we moved on the 14th, but what's forty-eight hours between friends and a couple of heavies (Oz and Dennis, Auf Wiedersehn Pet look-alikes) helpfully lugging our motley G Plan, F plan, and Scrob-Plan into a big van, driving about two-hundred yards, and unloading the lot into the various rooms, after a nourishing repast of about three Ginsters, two litres of full-fat coke, and eight Mars bars each!

Our moving day was bright and sunny, and it seems like only yesterday that we sat in the overgrown garden in brilliant sunshine, with cheese sandwiches, undoubtedly some 6.2% ABV beveridge, and a silly, thankful grin on all our faces! It really is such a great day and although I've just noticed that is raining here I sincerely hope the weather is much kinder for you in the West...

So, you two special people, I'll raise a glass or three for you both and of course the occasionally emerging Calfy, and wish you the very best of luck in your Truckin' today, and continuing prosperity and a three-fold increase in cultivation activity in 'Chateau Lilselbers'!


lilith said...

Haha fantastic Scrobs! A clip from when TV was funny. You know us so well :-) Funnily enough, our removal honey is also a dab hand at a bloody mary, the best we've ever had. I will show him the clip when he arrives.

Trucking has always been a favourite.
"Most of the cats that you meet on the streets speak of true love,
Most of the time they're sittin' and cryin' at home.
One of these days they know they gotta get goin'
Out of the door and down on the streets all alone."

If you subtract the Grateful Dead cds and hard drives from Elby's possessions you could move him by reliant robin.

I really must pack a box or two :-)

Elby the Beserk said...

Bless you Scrobs, I'm touched. Though you knew that already. We've just popped round to take a look see and it is all we recalled it as being and more. Lots of work to do inside (decorating) and outside, but all good work.

I met that Martin Clunes once; very nice guy and very funny as well. He was married to an old friend of my cousins' family, and was dragged along to my splendid old Uncle's (a family doctor in Faversham for many years) wake. Being an Irish one, it was wild and certainly not like anything he had previously experienced.

He left later that evening. The rest of us continued till well into the next day!

Michael said...

Elby, thanks so much for taking time to reply, I expect the arms are aching by now from the CD shifting...!

Now, this Faversham thing is pretty damn well interesting, as business partner's wife was the daught of a Faversham GP a few years ago now...

Hmmm, we can always chat on scroblene(at), when you've finished painting the ceilings, the hall, the kitchen etc etc etc...

Have a great first evening you two, and the very best of luck to you!

Calfy said...

Meanwhile Calfy is herself in South West Seven! Skiving from the heft... Thank you for including me in your glass-raising, Scrobs. Hope you're able to make the most of the outdoors this Spring weekend.

Scrobs on another machine... said...

Calfy! Bless your heart - thank you!

Click on 'The K and S Courier', check the item about 'Save our Village', spot the old idiot in the blue pullover right in the middle, and wonder who he is...!

St. Rs goes from strength to strength too, they had a Gunther celebration a year or so back!