Saturday, 23 February 2013

Grot news as usual...

Won't ever happen...

Pathetic response from the awful BBC, who habitually knock anything positive with GB - especially England.

Just watch the attitude of most of their 'unbiased' reports... from the North!

As is the norm these days, we just click them off, and just watch to see what the weather is like, as at least Carol has some presence, the rest, (except Louise Minchin who always looks gorgeous), can just forget it, as they're useless.


rvi said...

Quite agree Scrobs, although (happily) there is no financial contribution from this household, and in truth our main source of televisual news these days is Aljazeera supplemented by the increasingly lefty Sky - and of course the interwebby thingy.

Call me Dave's No1 agenda item on the day he was elected should have been to give them 6 months' notice of closure or privatisation and immediate cancellation of the tellytax. But he has since shown that he has no gumption (or testicular fortitude as I believe it is also known in rugger circles) and has turned out to be what many said - nothing but a PR spiv jellyfish. His appalling show-boating performances in India made me cringe with embarrassment. Why did he not ask the Indian PM for an apology for the Black Hole Of Calcutta incident, or does that trivial massacre not appear on his radar?

I spent a pleasant couple of hours yesterday browsing through the BBC report chez Guido, something many more people need to do to have their eyes opened. Paxo's contributions were very interesting.

Ah well, back to my coffee and the crossword.

Scrobs... said...

Lucky you, Reevers!

The Beeb is such a dreadful crowd of arrogant, hectoring people, they are a race unto themselves.

They got a good slapping from Ian Duncan-Smith once, and that Flanders woman was clearly told to can her lefty bias as well.

We really don't bother with them very much now, just watch the rugby, and listen to The Archers, and that's about it!

Mrs S said she saw 'Only fools and horses' the other day, so we might record that...

Blue Eyes said...

It's really frustrating. And what's worse is that so many people buy the worldview that somehow there is a solution to our problems which involves yet more state spending as if this will magically generate higher tax revenue.

The BBC makes some good programmes, but I wish it would hive off the news/comment from the rest.

Scrobs... said...

Best never to believe the Beeb elements, Blues.

Secret agendas, an' all that, but they just moan and never report seriously, except when a lefty subject crops up.

As Private Fraser says, 'they're doomed', but we still fork out for their monstrous salaries.

I reckon I just need a few yeasr to say stuff it, but being the bloke I am, I try and keep to the rules.

Philipa said...

Iain Duncan Smith is a revolting individual who needs a slap himself, but he'd probably enjoy it. I wouldn't be surprised if he wore a cilice.

I'm not defending the BBC per se, it has it's faults, but the Tories whinging they don't get the spin they want off the BBC to sugar the poison the Tories are pushing down the throats of the poor is just too bad. I'm glad they're pissed off.

More please :-)

Scrobs... said...

Don't agree, but it's your call Pips!


Electro-Kevin said...

I find the mute button very useful these days.