Monday, 11 June 2012

Ancestry lark...

This genealogy lark throws up some surprises, I can tell you!

Only the other day, while imbibing an amber tincture with my good friend, Elias Sagtrouser, I discovered from an app on a small computer, which Meccano was using to find some hideous music, that you can immediately extricate your ancestors at the drop of a trilby hat!

After general mucking about with the handheld, like looking up silly websites, I grabbed the machine from Gloriette, who was in danger of breaking the law, and tapped in 'Sagtrouser', and the following came up in 0.56 seconds, which is some achievement I can tell you!

1947 - present day - Elias Samuel Sagtrouser - purveyor of building and plumbing accoutrements.
1902 - 1950 - Elongine Sagtrouser - spanner salesman.
1856 - 1904 - Elsworth-Beast Sagtrouser - metal detector.
1790 - 1860 - Ebenezer Sagg-Trosser - lead thief.
1710 - 1800 - Eldrick Sargtrimser - incarcerated idiot.
1645 - 1710 - Egbert Zargger-Trarser - pillock of the county.
1592 - 1650 - Erbert Zarggerment - constipation remedy salesman.
1512 - 1600 - Ernest Zaargeertresster - purveyor of bullets for fighting the foe.
1456 - 1516 - Engelbert Zaargertrooser - singer.
1389 - 1460 - Ethelbert Tsangletrumpet - part-time musician.
1312 - 1391 - Ewbac Saplingtrangser - forage merchant.
1267 - 1316 - Eoinker Starborgling - writer of gibberish.
1189 - 1270 - Esprit de Zargster - monk of great renown.

Then there is a gap in the proceedings, probably because we were all laughing and joking, and Gloriette's acreage was in danger of falling out at that stage, but we finally got down to the the most interesting of the lot!

807 - 830 - Eleas the Saggertrous - flint seller and axe maker!

Several rounds of drinks circulated on that revelation I can tell you!


rvi said...

Scrobs, you are clearly in need of further (and possibly stronger) amber refreshment before proceeding further with this ancient genial analogy stuff. Hic..

lilith said...

Now you have got me going Scrobs...I tapped in Eoinker Starborgling and it turns out his daughter Nonzenzikal was a pantry maid at O'blene and Elias could be cousins!

Ps. I LOVE COMFREY. Just couldn't comment on the post due to bloggered up blogger.

Scrobs... said...

It's Mrs S's birthday today Reevers, so maybe this evening...

Scrobs... (on another PC) said...

I seem to recall that she was often 'found' in the pantry Lils!

She was often 'found' in various cupboards, drawers, a large cauldron once, the potting shed (twice in one day)! Of course, the word 'found' has changed its meaning quite a bit since those days, but I suspect that it didn't take long to search for the lady...!

I probably am related to Elias, because my grandfather sold similar items from a shop years ago. That's when he wasn't building houses in WGC etc!

Scrobs... (on another PC) said...

PS, Lils, did you mean that you ate Comfrey? Apparently it's very good for you!

Absolute stench in water after a few days though, really Awful...!

rvi said...

A very happy birthday to your good lady Sir. No doubt both (or is it now all three?) of your readers will concur.

Thud said...

Only several rounds? rather more from the looks of it. I don't need to look up the fami;ly tree as we never got that far above ground from our family hole in the ground back in bog trotter land.

Scrobs... said...

Reevers, that's very kind of you, and I will pass on your good wishes!

Mrs S looks as radiant as she did when she was ever springier than a spring chicken!

Scrobs... said...

Oh, you know how it is Thudders; all these names just flood backwards and forwards, and with twits like that stupid Meccano, well, nobody really knows what's occurring at any given time, do they...!

I'm really interested though, but did your family end up in the US, East side, then move West?

If I'm intruding, then of course, say so!

Thud said...

Scrobs, family just drifted stateside over a couple of generations started with jumping ship etc, I'm one of the last left here in blighty although i'm off to cali for a couple of months soon to consider the family future.

lilith said...

I don't eat it Scrobs, but it is a useful plant...good for sprains and strains (externally applied) as well as a fab fertiliser...

Scrobs... said...

Absolutely Lils - fertiliser that is!

Pongs magnificently too!

Knitbone is an old name for it, presumably because it had so much 'bone' (some sort of veg glue)in it, and it stuck flesh and bone together particularly well, and healed wounds!

You'd know this of course, but I'm still learning!

Scrobs... said...

Thudders, you have a big answer to that - stay there, because it ain't going to get easier for us pensioners over here...

Just believe how difficult it is to get a bank 'interested' at the moment.

They are criminally useless.