Saturday, 7 November 2009


One of the sights which makes me extremely angry, is BBC footage of Gordon Brown wandering around the troops in Afghanistan, trying to look brave. Pictures of this awful person, with so little bravery to his name, taken among real soldiers and fighters, just remind me every time that men and women in both Iraq and Afghanistan are dealing professionally with a proper situation, and as experts, are having to do their work with precious little support from the serial troughers of the worst government my generation has had to endure.

While trying to reduce my blood presure from 'Astronomically Unaccountable' past 'Never seen anyone this high before' to 'Nearly below boiling point', it took a scan of the papers this morning to focus on what the weekend is really all about.

One article jumped out from this piece, and a few clicks found the Commonwealth War Graves Commission site which has an incredibly detailed account of the disaster known as Fromelles. This is where it all happened, and the area is now being dedicated to peacetime - for the moment anyway.

What bloody hell that 'battle' was; and I just didn't realise how many Aussies and Brits, and Germans, went down that day. And we can now glorify and humbly appreciate the word 'Cobber', from there.

Scenes like this show that the actions of generously paid politicians will rightfully mean that they'll have much more to worry about after next May. Sean Brierly and his Dad, and his Mum, are three of the heroes here, not the grinning one.

The grinner and the gobbler deserve nothing but spitting contempt from truly brave people, and while these disgraced politicians continue to place themselves above experts and the electorate in nearly everything they do, I'm looking forward to their crashing downfall, and it can't come soon enough.


Anonymous said...

A few years ago, we visited the recently-opened Museum of the Somme.

The object that I remember most was the medieval-style Mace that was on display with the description "used to clear trenches."

In other words - used for hand-to-hand fighting in the trenches.

I don't think any of us can really imagine the horror of it all.

killemallletgodsortemout said...

Great post, Scrobs.

"Cobber" has taken on a different meaning for me, too, after reading about Fromelles in the papers.

I am privileged to be an occasional colleague of the senior mortician at Fromelles; the dignity and respect shown to the remains, and the painstaking attention to detail that will be paid to the deceased and to their personal effects will be without equal anywhere in the world, I can assure you.

Fromelles is a must visit for Lady K and I before very long.

Requiescant in Pace.

Scrobs... said...

Morning Lakes - or, bloody hellfire, that sounds awful...

Totally unimaginable today.

Scrobs... said...

Killers, you have the lead on this one!

I was cusriously comforted by the care and detail which is accompaning this new cause.

The French have taken the whole project to their hearts, and the CWGC seem to do all their work with the least amount of fuss, producing such a fitting memorial to so many big soldiers.

Chris said...

I never thought that I could dislike anyone more than Blair but, at the moment, Brown is catching up at an alarming rate. I just get speechlessly angry with them, their platitudes and excuses for gross incompetence that results in people's deaths but, in your first paragraph, you have summed up some of the stuff in my head very nicely. Thank you, Mr Scroblene.

Philipa said...

Oh no, what was worse for me was Bliar at the remembrace service. Without being shot.

Trubes said...

Good post that Scrobs;
So touching.

I cannot express enough, my contempt and hatred for Blair and Brown, and all the 'troughers'.
They are beneath contempt.

Not one of them is worthy enough to polish the boots of the brave members of our Armed Forces.

I wonder how many MPs have sons or daughters, serving in The Forces?
Probably none, or else we would have heard about it....Being such a gang of vain glorious planks, that they are!


Philipa said...

Good post, Scrobs. I'm sorry I wrote my last comment just after the remembrance service and was furious. I've been considering the fate of military personell after their service as I know getting employment is often met with rejection and the protest that they have 'no experience' and are unsuitable for civvy st.

Scrobs... said...

Chris, it is usually inevitable that most politicians run out of steam, because lets face it, they're not always the brightest in the class, they may be wily, but not really good enough...

But when they are caught with their grubby paws in the till, and are incapable of doing anything to help their country, then I'm afaraid they deserve all the opporobrium they get from a disgusted electorate.

Scrobs... said...

Interesting point that Trubes, I don't know either, but I fear that if they did, they may well keep that little bit of info quiet.

Scrobs... said...

" 'no experience' and are unsuitable for civvy st."

The clauses of misunderstanding I'm afraid Pips.

I had to walk away from the spectacle of bruin placing a wreath. And most of the others too.

Philipa said...
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Philipa said...
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